ALLNET ALL3697-32A / PM4 DIN-Rail Powermeter 32A 3 phase

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Know what's going on! Find power guzzlers! Analyzing power consumption! Save electricity!...más
Información del producto "ALLNET ALL3697-32A / PM4 DIN-Rail Powermeter 32A 3 phase"

Know what's going on!
Find power guzzlers!
Analyzing power consumption!
Save electricity!


  • Meter to measure and control your current power consumption
  • Direct connection of the current phases up to 32A per phase.
  • Current measurement via integrated shunts
  • Can be accessed anywhere via the Internet (Internet connection at the ALL3967 location is required)
  • Simple operation and installation through web interface
  • Integrated web server
  • Alerting by email when a preset value is exceeded
  • 1x I2C port for additional sensors/actuators of the ALLNET MSR measurement control rules series
  • Comprehensive consumption display with live diagram, chart function, table display, etc.
  • Possibility to download the measured values in database format, e. g. as CSV file
  • Interfaces: 1x network, 1x USB, 1x I2C,
  • Connection of the 3 phases L1/L2/L3/N

 Features and WebGUI:

The power meter offers you the possibility to graphically display your consumption. You can display a daily, weekly, monthly or annual graph and show or hide individual phases.

The configuration page of the power meter allows you to set individual values within the device. Example: Labels and graph colours.

If you want to continue using the determined values of the power meter or if you want to export them for archiving, you can easily download them as a CSV file via the web menu. Of course, there is also the chance to call up the values live via JSON.

Technische Daten:



1x Direct Phase Contacts (L1/L2/L3/N) max. 32A
1x I2C Port for additional sensors & actors of ALLNET Building Automation products
1x USB 2.0
4x TTL Outputs
4x Open Collector Output
1x Console RS232
1x OLED-Display
1x LAN 10/100Mbps
1x WIFI 1T1R 150Mpbs

Network Connector: 1x RJ45 10/100Mbps
Power supply: 100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, internes PSU
Consumption: <5 Watt maximal
Housing: DIN-Rail housing 12TE subunits
Environment: Temperature operation: 0 ~ 40 °C
Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 85% (non-condensing)
Temperature Storage: -20 ~ 60 °C
Humidity Storage: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 160 x 91 x 63 mm (length x width x height)
Weight: 370 grams (without packaging and accessories)
Marks: CE, RoHS
Package contents:
  • 1 piece ALLNET ALL3697
  • QIG Manual
  • 1 Patchcable 1m



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